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Celestial Nights - Sleep Sack

Celestial Nights - Sleep Sack

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Celestial Nights is a charming and adorable design that captures the magic and wonder of the night sky in a way that is perfect for your little one. It features a deep navy blue background that serves as a canvas for a dazzling array of stars and other celestial elements such as mushrooms, crystals and more! The stars are depicted in different sizes and brightness levels, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality that draws the viewer's gaze into the design.

Introducing for the first time ever! Our signature sleep sacks!

All of our sleep sacks are made with quality and comfort in mind for your little one! Enjoy a perfect  quilted 1.0 TOG that's perfect for both warmer and colder evenings. All of our sleep sacks come with our standard YKK double zippers that you know and love from our zippies and shorty collections!

Care Instructions: Simply toss it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle on cold, or quick cycle on cold and tumble dry on low. It's that easy to keep it clean and fluffy for years to come. For best results, please wash inside out.

Sleep Sacks are made of 95% Bamboo and 5% spandex



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